Drunken Hermit

by The Coffinstuffers



He never goes out in the world
He found himself at the bottom of a bottle
He's all alone, but he's never bored
He attempts to walk, but he only wobbles

Stays in and contemplates
What it would be like to lead a normal life
But he can't bring himself to eradicate
What he believes is right
Drunken hermit

He can't face the public
He never got along with anyone
Because he ends up being the subject
That's talked about by everyone
Drunken hermit

So he's content to die like this
Hidden away and out of his mind
When he's gone he knows he won't be missed
Now he's just biding his time
Drunken hermit.


released October 12, 2015
M. Graves - J. Minster 2015 BlackCloud Songs



all rights reserved


The Coffinstuffers Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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