by The Coffinstuffers



The 5 o’clock world is before my eyes
The cars splash the puddles as they drive by

Feel like I’ve been pardoned and let out of jail
Where the hell is my car, it’s starting to hail

My hands are freezing, can’t find the right key
I just want to be warm in my beat-up Marquis

This life that I’m living is no life at all
I could have been something but I dropped the ball

On Sunday morning going down to the Falls
To see you before the end of the world

Take me away to the sunshiny days
Gone now today and gone forever
Left behind, running scared and running blind
Without a prayer whatsoever

But now I’m just trying to get home alive
The rain is a waterfall on East River Drive.


released October 13, 2015
M. Graves - J. Minster 2015 BlackCloud Songs



all rights reserved


The Coffinstuffers Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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