This Is Strawberry Mansion

by The Coffinstuffers



Why should this city strive for expansion
It will just end up like Strawberry Mansion
Desolate, crumbling and urban decay
Chasing everyone away
No need for development, no need to build
The mantra 'round here is - kill, kill, kill or be killed

There's neither strawberries or mansions
In this sorry part of town
And there's so much tension
From the murders on the ground
Over and over from morning till night
No matter what you do it won't ever be right

This is strawberry mansion
Once you're lost you won't be found
Unless they find you face down on the ground

No laughter, no singing, no dancing
Only depression resides at Strawberry Mansion
Like a prisoner inside your own home
Arm yourself, don't live alone
The crime, the drugs, the gangs and whores
Bar up your windows and lock your doors.


released October 13, 2015
M. Graves - J. Minster 2015 BlackCloud Songs



all rights reserved


The Coffinstuffers Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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